Tine Brown Cheese – Commercial

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Key info

Year: 2016
Client: 6.Sans DVEG/Tine
Role: Direction, animation, 3D modelling, simulation, comp and online


Commercial for Tine Brown Cheese (now with PINK packaging if you didnt notice). Jumping goat and happy cow. What more can you ask for?



Production company: Stir
Director: Axel Lavin
Music: White Room
Art Directors: Axel Lavin, Espen Hornburg
Storyboard/Shootingboard: Espen Hornburg, Al Cheyne
3D character modelling: Mats Ottesen, Pedro Conti, Anders Fossli
3D environment modelling: Anders Fossli, Piotr Korczynski
Character animation: Olof Burman, Calle Halldin, Jørgen Westerberg, Derek H.A.G.
Environment animation: Piotr Korczynski, Axel Lavin, Jørgen Westerberg
3D lighting: Axel Lavin
Cloth Simulation: Axel Lavin
Fluid Simulation: Axel Lavin
Character rigging: Richard, Vincent E Sousa
Character animation producer: Michael Bengtsson
Character concept: Leandro Franci
Matte Paint: Peter Toufidis
Edit: Axel Lavin, Michael Svartdahl
Camera setup & render: Axel Lavin
Compositing: Axel Lavin, Anders Fossli
3D previs: Axel Lavin, Øystein Relbo-Knutsen, Jørgen Westerberg, Simen Musæus, Anders Fossli
Grade: Axel Lavin, Mathias Theissen