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Key info

Year: 2014
Client: Filmkameratene
Role: Design, Direction and Animation


We created this title sequence and motion graphics elements for the Norwegian action film Børning, a road film with a  Norwegian twist.  Cars, babes and burning rubber through the Norwegian nature. Our sequence focuses on the main characters car,  a juicy 1967 Ford Mustang. Kick the tires, light the fires!

The first person to write the correct timecode (e.g: 00:23 – 00:52) to only 3D shots on Vimeo – will win an amazing Stir prize.
Happy 3D hunting! POW POW!!!


Executive producer: John M. Jacobsen,
Marcus Brodersen
Producer and Direction: Mikael Svartdahl
Lead Animators: Piotr Korczyński, Mats Ottesen
3D: Piotr Korczyński, Mats Ottesen, Anders Grønvold Fossli, Mica Cruz, Axel Lavin
Motion Graphics: Alistair Cheyne, Małgorzata Korczyńska, Jørgen Westerberg, Øystein Relbo-Knutsen
Director and DOP
live action:
Hallvard Bræin