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2 new employees

From Storyline to stir.

After completing the master’s degree from the National Film School in London Mikael has worked the past three years as a film editor at Storyline Studios. He is best known for the collaboration with Kristoffer Borgli which has resulted in numerous commercials, music videos and award-winning short film «Whateverest». He has 14 years experience in graphic design, web design, motion graphics, great multimedia installations and as a producer.


From New Zealand, via Gosu to stir.

Alistair traveled from New Zealand, where he completed a Visual Communication and Design Degree, to Norway in 2009. He went from «his precious» sheep farms and rugby to urban Norway where he has been the AD at several vignettes produced by Gosu Design as «Forbruker Inspektørene», «Farmen», «Eurovision» and «TV2 «Se hva som skjer». He also boasts great international experience and have both received recognition for music videos he has been involved in and had pictures exhibited in NYC.


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