About Stir

  • We are an animation studio based in Oslo with a global network of partners. We deliver commercials, brand films, event design, tv/film graphics and information films. We work with a broad spectre of animation techniques to create moving images that engage.

    We love to meet new people! Got a project or idea you want to discuss with us? Feel free to contact us at post@stir.no.



Thorvald Meyers gate 72,
0552 OSLO, Norway

How to

find us

Axel Lavin

Manager / Creative Producer

+47 980 70 670

Øystein Relbo-Knutsen

Senior Motion Designer

+47 958 84 241

Alistair Cheyne

Motion Designer

+47 458 74 174

Jørgen Westerberg

Motion Designer

+47 976 22 711

Piotr Korczynski

3D Artist

Represented by Stir in Scandinavia.

João Lavieri


Represented by Stir in Scandinavia.



Illustration Agency

Represented by Stir in Scandinavia.